Testosterone Compound

 Testosterone Compound for sale online – All things you need to know about Testosterone Compound before you buy it online

First of all: What is Testosterone Compound and why this steroid is popular in Bodybuilding

Testosterone Compound – a strong anabolic and androgenic steroid, releases pharmaceutical company Genesis. At its heart are four popular and at the same time effective testosterone esters: testosterone decanoate, testosterone phenylpropionate, testosterone izokaproat, testosterone propionate.

Notable drug (a composite mix of testosterone) primarily to its powerful and lasting impact on the human body, leading to muscle gain, an increase in physical performance and to strengthen the body. That is why it is most often used in sports practice, such as in bodybuilding. Maybe it is, of course, useful in medical applications – to enhance the libido, to increase appetite and other reasons.


About Testosterone Compound effects offered for sale online: oral and injectable forms and side effects

Testosterone Compound is very popular among athletes due to its outstanding effects. Our steroid shop offers several brands of Testosterone Compound for sale.  All these products are ment to bring your performace to unprecendent levels. And if you wish to buy Testosterone Compound from us we recommend you to read more about its effects and side effects

Effect Testosterone Compound


  • anti-catabolic action;
  • Increased appetite;
  • Increase muscle mass due to protein synthesis;
  • Increasing the amount of red blood cells, improving bleeding;
  • Improved oxygen transport;
  • Increased endurance and power performance;
  • Increased sexual activity and libido during the course.


Side effects Testosterone Compound

The mixture is no different from any other form of the hormone, and therefore just shows estrogenic activity. Possible side effects of Testosterone Compound: excess body fat, suppressing the secretion of testosterone, gynecomastia, edema. In order to prevent the majority of adverse reactions is sufficient to enable a course of anti-estrogens. Drugs such as tamoxifen (and other selective estrogen receptor modulators), have better use to complete reception of the steroid. During long-term courses for avoiding reactions associated with the suppression of endogenous testosterone, gonadotropin is recommended.


Things to consider: do your really need to buy Testosterone Compound online or you can get it locally from any pharmacy store

When you decide to buy high quality Testosterone Compound you need to do a research how you can get it with or without prescription. Since these types of products are banned in a lot of countries you will have problems getting Testosterone Compound  in a real pharmacy by your house. On the contrary those Testosterone Compound related products that you can find for sale online do not require any prescription and are being delivered from countries that sell steroids to anyone like regular pain relief or sleeping pill.

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